Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Doctor is In

Work is going well on the ETC, I had checked on the chaps and chapesses around the Guvnahs mansion (leaving a cunningly transformed Terry with a close eye on group of rather 'enthusiastic' weasels), and I decided to take a break onto a small personal project.

I was ensconced in the Mayfair Studio until the wee small hours, changing my Panoptikon to a Eidoloscope. This is a simple but delicate task, adding a basic intermittent mechanism to keep the two-inch film moved continuously during showing and improve the reliability of frame rate.

Being a glass house (for the excellent coastal light it provides), the studio affords a splendid outlook. Eventually, my attention was unavoidably drawn to the road outside where Miss Kelley had been walking backward and forwards for sometime, seemingly reciting dialogue and practising a cough. Having my hands full I allowed her to continue a while, I have no desire to become embroiled in amateur dramatics, and eventually she approached the door.

It's always nice to see her. She is a ray of sunshine. But this evening she came with grave news.

For sometime now Zealot has referred to me as Doctor Sputnik. I have no idea why. I do hold several doctorates, and a professorship or two, but they are from the Academy on Gallifrey and if Zealot knew about them I'd be worried indeed. Not that Zealot doesn't worry me I hasten to add.

Young Miss Kelly had taken this title to be literal, and was in search of a medical practitioner. It appears 'our mutual friend' is not fairing well by her treatment under capture.

I wasn't the sharpest tool in the old woodshed when at The Academy, not by the standards of my peers, but a distinction in Micro Cellular Biology I did mange to scrape and I can slap on a trauma bandage with the best of them. When we first arrived here I resolved to keep myself and Terry healthy with a regular dose of panacea to keep out the diseases of the Victorian age. Nothing is infallible, I have heard of some nasty viral stuff called 'grey goo' on the mainland that I have yet to examine, but it's a start. Typhoid, tuberculosis, smallpox, cholera, the sniffles, hayfever, even syphilis (god forbid) are all simple stuff to remedy with the power of a time travellers hindsight.

We nipped into the Cabinet and I added some base vitamins, a general restorative of future extraction, some peppermint essence and a slow release food supplement.

Within a few minutes she was on her way over the fences, back across Mayfair to Bardhaven. In the name of the First President I prey nothing bad befalls that girl. She is taking a terrible risk and we are so very powerless to interfere.

I tried to get some sleep but couldn't meditate. Even the Zero Room seemed full of psychic static.
Next time I see her, I really must give her a transmat bracelet just in case.


Amber_Palowakski said...

Perhaps Dr. Darien Mason can help you?

Darien Mason said...

I'm a bit busy this weekend making adjustments on my newest daughter, but I take walk-ins at 7pm on Sunday.

Oolon said...

...looks around Caledon, and wonders why he's had so much difficulty finding a professional nemesis.

emillyorr said...

Maybe it's your recruiting style. What benefits would your professional nemesis get, other than their name scorned by all those good at heart?

Nemesii have thankless jobs, after all.