Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Late Visitor

I had a visitor last night.

Often of late I have found myself in conversation with Miss Kelley. She is a most charming creature, very pleasant, that reminds me much of the New Earth felines of 5,000,000,000. She is, I am told, not entirely indicative of her species, having at least the veneer of Victorian sensibility. She is quick of eye, strong in spirit, has an adventurous streak a mile wide, yet wraps herself in pretty crinolines with seemingly little comfort but the greatest of pride.

She visited me in the ETC to bring me news and share my supper. She had never visited us properly and as I showed around our home, Terry currently being away visiting the Dracoforms and having missed the excitement of the last few days, she gazed wide-eyed at the workings of the ETC. I took her over to New Babbage, and we walked and talked a while in relative safety.

hen one spends time with her, one soon begins to realise how frightened she is of reprisal by her Master Zealot. In my opinion, a cat should not have a master...

...I will say no more, but suffice to say, she's a very brave young lady.

Caledon and Neualtenburgh owe her more than they may ever know.

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Kira said...

I thank you for the kind words... but I do not fear my guardian, Master Zealot.... I simply fear the repercussions that I face if ... certain actions are discovered.