Sunday, July 01, 2007

Visiting the Relatives


[13:50] Sen Pixie: Oolon. Terry.

[13:50] Oolon Sputnik: Sen.

[13:50] Terry Lightfoot curtsies.

[13:53] Oolon Sputnik: Sorry Sen. If I may be frank, I don't trust you. That’s why we’ve Transmated in instaed of using the ETC.

[13:53] Sen Pixie: The very fact you are doing so says the new brain is working. You need not fear. I'm safe like this. In non-corporeal form.

[13:55] Sen Pixie: Welcome.

[13:55] Terry Lightfoot: Hello.

[13:55] Oolon Sputnik: You want to tell me how you're feeling, and put the kettle on? Or bite me in the throat and kill Terry?

[13:56] Terry Lightfoot: /gulp

[13:56] Sen Pixie: Let me explain what happened after I ran away the day of your regeneration.

[13:56] Oolon Sputnik: That would be a good start...

[13:56] Oolon Sputnik: ...oh, and greetings B.

[13:57] Sen Pixie: First off, I can assure you that I am no danger to you as long as we are here.

[13:57] Terry Lightfoot whispers: Who's B?

[13:57] Oolon Sputnik whispers: B is the SASTAP onboard computer ;-)

[13:57] Sen Pixie: The SASTAP is in a permanent state of mental grace. Call it one big Zero Room if you will…

[13:57] Terry Lightfoot: Oh…

[13:57] Oolon Sputnik: This construct is keeping you stable then?

[13:58] Sen Pixie: Yes. I have done away with my physical body, which I need to exit the ship. Here, my consciousness exists only within the main computer.

[13:58] Oolon Sputnik: Fascinating...

[13:58] Sen Pixie: With no organic brain, there is no danger of the infection spreading.

[13:59] Oolon Sputnik: That'll go some small way to purging, but is by no means a solution Sen...

[13:59] Terry Lightfoot: Ahh

[13:59] Sen Pixie: Unfortunately, no, it is not.

[13:59] Oolon Sputnik: What did you do with the body Sen?

[13:59] Terry Lightfoot: ...oh god...

[13:59] Sen Pixie: The energy that constructed it was reabsorbed into my system. Think of my body as an extra TARDIS exterior.

[14:00] Oolon Sputnik: I see, good...

[14:00] Terry Lightfoot: Hmm...

[14:00] Sen Pixie: Formed and deformed as my consciousness crosses the dimensional bridge between interior and exterior.

[14:00] Oolon Sputnik: So, while you can't spread the disease physically, have you gone far from the SASTAP?

[14:01] Sen Pixie: Once. Luckily I was near a Guardian of Oa. He was able to contain me... just... before I was able to harm anyone.

[14:01] Terry Lightfoot: Hmmm, a what of what...? What is a Guardian of Oa?

[14:02] Oolon Sputnik: It is part of the defensive force here...

[14:02] Sen Pixie: They have agents on many planets.

[14:02] Oolon Sputnik: ...a Guardian of the Green Light. If I'm not mistaken?

[14:02] Terry Lightfoot: What is the green light?

[14:02] Sen Pixie: It is said the Timelords worked together with the Guardians in the ancient times, and that is correct Oolon.

[14:03] Oolon Sputnik: Hmmm... ...well, that is something at least.

[14:03] Terry Lightfoot: Are they... er.. ancients?

[14:03] Oolon Sputnik: No, not truly so, not in the eyes of the Timelords. But they wield an ancient energy field known as "The Power Cosmic". They like to interfear with the lesser races...

[14:03] Sen Pixie: One of the many energies that were captured and harnessed by the ancient races such as the Timelords and Guardians.

[14:03] Terry Lightfoot: Ahhh…

[14:03] Oolon Sputnik: Which is all very well and good Sen...

[14:04] Oolon Sputnik: ...but I don't see the kettle going on.

[14:04] Sen Pixie: Sorry. Let me pull out a seat for you first... if you'll step back a little.

[14:04] Terry Lightfoot has never seen Oolon be so serious…

[14:04] Oolon Sputnik: Are we friends still, or do I have to watch over my shoulder every time you leave the SASTAP?

[14:05] Sen Pixie: I can not leave the confines of the ship's interior. If I do, it will only be because I am forced out. If that comes to pass, I am a danger to everyone.

[14:05] Terry Lightfoot: Can something do that? Hmmm, or someone?

[14:06] Sen Pixie: I would have said no before we were all attacked and forced here.

[14:04] Oolon Sputnik places a TARDIS tea flask on the table…

[14:06] Sen Pixie: Thank you Oolon.

[14:06] Oolon Sputnik: We still have enemies here Sen.

[14:07] Sen Pixie: Obviously. However, I believe that my presence outside is necessity for us to continue.

[14:07] Brew of Omega whispers: Ah, the tea of the Timelords - how refreshing!

[14:08] Oolon Sputnik: As do I, but enemies who, should they wish to (and should they be monitoring the flow of energy as I believe they were) could make quite a mess of our arrangement here... ...then what would become of this flat little world?

[14:08] Sen Pixie: Hmmm, so, we need a solution to my dilemma as well as to the continued problem.

[14:08] Terry Lightfoot: is that going to happen if you cant go outside....?

[14:08] Sen Pixie: Well, I have a plan for that...

[14:08] Oolon Sputnik: I'm listening...

[14:08] Sen Pixie: The only known cure for the vampyre infection is to activate the Timelord nano-viruses.

[14:09] Sen Pixie: Which means Oolon?

[14:09] Oolon Sputnik: You must regenerate.

[14:09] Sen Pixie: You have to kill me while I'm organic. I must regenerate.

[14:09] Terry Lightfoot: ....not another one!

[14:10] Sen Pixie: This one can not be helped. It must be violent, and sudden.

[14:10] Oolon Sputnik: I know.

[14:10] Terry Lightfoot: /gulp

[14:10] Oolon Sputnik: You must not get the chance to use your natural defences.

[14:10] Terry Lightfoot anxiously drinks her tea…

[14:10] Sen Pixie: A Timelord body is difficult enough to kill, but combine that with the vampyre infection, and it will be ‘challenging’ to induce a regeneration.

[14:11] Oolon Sputnik: Yes, I believe it will.

[14:11] Sen Pixie: In the ancient way, the only thing that could kill a vampyre was a spear of living metal through the heart. And as I have two of those...

[14:11] Terry Lightfoot: Well, and the fact that you'll know we are coming for you…

[14:11] Oolon Sputnik: Perhaps you should leave that to your friends? To myself, and Drillon.

[14:11] Sen Pixie: It has to be. There is no way for me to plan it.

[14:12] Oolon Sputnik: I understand as much.

[14:12] Sen Pixie: If I were to become organic while inside the SASTAP, the vampyre consciousness would gain control of the ship.

[14:12] Oolon Sputnik: Fascinating, sad, and unavoidable.

[14:12] Terry Lightfoot: This.....sounds really complicated and chancy!

[14:13] Sen Pixie: Complicated it is not. 'Chancy' it is.

[14:13] Oolon Sputnik winks at Terry...

[14:13] Sen Pixie: Stab me through both hearts while organic with Timelord Living metal.

[14:13] Terry Lightfoot cant believe Oolon thinks winking is going to make her feel better...

[14:13] Oolon Sputnik: I'm am unlikely to take your suggestions Sen... …but trust me, I know how to die ;-)

[14:14] Terry Lightfoot 's eyes open wide…

[14:14] Sen Pixie: You are wise to do the research on killing great vampyres independent of my comments. But your basic academy training should tell you that I am correct.

[14:15] Terry Lightfoot thinks maybe this is beyond the basics....

[14:15] Oolon Sputnik: Sen, I am Arcalian, I worked 30 years on the genetic looms of Gallifey as an apprentice. Life is precious to me. I will make it as painless as possible for you, you have my word.

[14:15] Sen Pixie: However, there is one problem... obtaining living metal that we know has not come into contact with my consciousness.

[14:16] Oolon Sputnik: Indeed.

[14:16] Sen Pixie: There is a risk of the metal itself becoming a carrier.

[14:16] Sen Pixie: Which means your TARDIS, and Drillon's, could potentially re-infect me.

[14:17] Terry Lightfoot: many variables, Oolon!

[14:17] Oolon Sputnik: I am hoping when we have purged it from you, you will hopefully have the strength to purge our craft...

[14:17] Sen Pixie: Yes, that should be fairly trivial.

[14:17] Terry Lightfoot: Can she do that?

[14:17] Oolon Sputnik: Oh, Sen can do many things. Rassilon made it so.

[14:17] Sen Pixie: But, killing me with non-infected metal could be challenging.

[14:17] Terry Lightfoot: So our TARDIS is contaminated?

[14:18] Oolon Sputnik looks at his feet and OBVIOUSLY changes the subject...

[14:18] Oolon Sputnik: Sighs. There is much work to be done.

[14:18] Terry Lightfoot:!

[14:18] Terry Lightfoot: Rassilon made you, Sen?

[14:18] Sen Pixie: Yes, but think of it this way Terry. Here on Earth, many mammals can carry diseases that can infect humans and not themselves. The black plague and rats, for example.

[14:19] Terry Lightfoot: Phew…

[14:19] Sen Pixie: It has no means to infect you, as it does not have the ability to manifest a corporeal/sentient exterior as I do.

[14:19] Terry Lightfoot: ok

[14:20] Sen Pixie: Oolon, there is a way.

[14:20] Oolon Sputnik: You know a source?

[14:20] Sen Pixie: Before I became a TARDIS... ...when I existed as a pure entity, I had a companion on Gallifrey.

[14:20] Sen Pixie: A being of pure living metal.

[14:21] Oolon Sputnik: Gallifrey is a long way away Sen...

[14:21] Sen Pixie: However, she has been here.

[14:21] Terry Lightfoot: Here!?

[14:21] Sen Pixie: I know... I have felt her presence.

[14:21] Terry Lightfoot: did she get here?

[14:21] Sen Pixie: At least... part of her.

[14:21] Oolon Sputnik sighs in resignation…

[14:21] Oolon Sputnik: Yes, I've met her I think...

[14:21] Sen Pixie: Somewhere, I believe her weapons exists.

[14:21] Oolon Sputnik: ...3 times now.

[14:21] Terry Lightfoot slaps Oolon on the shoulder

[14:21] Oolon Sputnik: I wondered when this would come up. And, ow!

[14:22] Terry Lightfoot: You really should tell me these things! For heavens sake!

[14:22] Oolon Sputnik: I wasn't sure, until Sen just mentioned this, if she was an aspect of Sen herself, fractured.

[14:22] Sen Pixie: No. In the simplest genetic sense, call us twins. But my creator had a very different path in mind for my sister.

[14:22] Oolon Sputnik: Her father was Rassilon, Terry. Don’t you remember?

[14:22] Terry Lightfoot: Er, hmmm, yes…

[14:23] Oolon Sputnik: It made scene. She was brought here too. You spoke to her, remember?

[14:23] Terry Lightfoot: I did?

[14:23] Oolon Sputnik sighs…

[14:23] Terry Lightfoot racks her brains…

[14:23] Sen Pixie: I do not know that all of her is here - I have not sensed ‘sentience’. Just... whimpers…

[14:23] Oolon Sputnik looks at his Timelord friend over the top of his glasses…

[14:23] Oolon Sputnik: Sen needs to know no more about this.

[14:23] Terry Lightfoot: I only remember Sen!

[14:24] Sen Pixie: If my sister is indeed here... she must be protected.

[14:24] Terry Lightfoot: Fine...

[14:24] Sen Pixie: Also... if she is made whole again, she could be more dangerous than I.

[14:24] Oolon Sputnik whispers: I'll tell you later, I'm going to need your help on this...

[14:24] Sen Pixie: If you find her weapon, you MUST not reunite with the rest of her.

[14:24] Terry Lightfoot: She... has a weapon?

[14:25] Oolon Sputnik: I'm not discussing her anymore in front of Sen, sorry...

[14:25] Terry Lightfoot: That's fine...I was asking Sen...

[14:26] Oolon Sputnik: ...she is a potential ally in what we need to do. Sen can't know. I'm sorry...

[14:26] Terry Lightfoot whispers: Okay okay! Sorry!

[14:27] Oolon Sputnik squeezes Terry’s hand reassuringly...

[14:27] Sen Pixie: I will say this Oolon. I know you have gained great intelligence in your recent regeneration. But... this is a mind like no other you have ever encountered, and powers from a time when Gallifrey wielded such things with considerable frequency.

[14:27] Terry Lightfoot exhales…

[14:27] Sen Pixie: A being of such... instability... that even Omega washed his hands of all involvement in her birth.

[14:27] Oolon Sputnik: You are so steeped in your history and the reflections of our past... …this is not Gallifrey Sen. Maybe I should look to the present, and the here and now, for a solution to this ;-)

[14:28] Terry Lightfoot begins to gain a new admiration for the new old Oolon

[14:28] Oolon Sputnik:

[14:29] Oolon Sputnik: Surely, that would be the last thing you would expect ;-)

[14:29] Terry Lightfoot whispers: Not now that Oolon you've told her!

[14:29] Oolon Sputnik whispers: Or led her astray…

[14:29] Sen Pixie: I believe your plan is necessary. Please proceed with caution. A little genetic enhancement of your own mind does not make you an equal to the weapons that our races creators were they themselves... afraid of.

[14:30] Oolon Sputnik: I understand Sen, believe me, but our plans will be our own and not for your ears...

[14:30] Oolon Sputnik: ...and I must add, you are now and will always be my friend.

[14:30] Sen Pixie: Good. Our people can be arrogant. The vampyre's almost committed genecide against us for it…

[14:30] Oolon Sputnik: Your words, even in these times, mean a lot to me I hope you know.

[14:31] Oolon Sputnik: Tell me, how is Solis. Is she still here?

[14:31] Oolon Sputnik: I'm worried for her also.

[14:31] Sen Pixie: She is, but was frightened by the events that transpired.

[14:31] Terry Lightfoot looks at Sen with curiosity…

[14:31] Sen Pixie: Were it not for her, I would still be stranded in my own consciousness.

[14:31] Oolon Sputnik: She of all people knows the history of our people...

[14:32] Sen Pixie: She led me back when I simply returned here and dumped my mind into the computer with a frantic carelessness.

[14:32] Oolon Sputnik: Hmmm...

[14:32] Oolon Sputnik: ...she was afraid by what you were...

[14:33] Sen Pixie: She does not often admit it... but her telepathic abilities are considerable.

[14:33] Oolon Sputnik: ...what you ARE.

[14:33] Sen Pixie: What I am right now is simply stranded.

[14:33] Oolon Sputnik nods towards the new console

[14:33] Oolon Sputnik: I see you have been busy...

[14:33] Sen Pixie: There is little else to do.

[14:34] Oolon Sputnik: Directly into the engine eh?

[14:34] Terry Lightfoot: Gosh this is beautiful!

[14:34] Sen Pixie: Because of how I operate, that has always been the way.

[14:35] Sen Pixie: Which is why I can not leave.

[14:35] Sen Pixie: I can not separate the living metal that most the ship is constructed of from the energy source.

[14:36] Terry Lightfoot: Sen?

[14:36] Oolon Sputnik takes subtle power readings as he speaks...

[14:36] Sen Pixie: Yes Terry?

[14:36] Terry Lightfoot: May I wander around?

[14:36] Sen Pixie: Please do.

[14:36] Terry Lightfoot: Thank you :-)

[14:37] Oolon Sputnik: I was laid up for longer than I thought this time, after the regeneration, and I had time to think myself...

[14:37] Sen Pixie: Please share Oolon.

[14:37] Oolon Sputnik: How well do you know Drillon?

[14:38] Sen Pixie: Very. He has been instrumental in help me rebuild/heal after the first attack that stranded all of us here.

[14:38] Oolon Sputnik: Yes, he found us both quickly. Almost immediately one might say...

[14:38] Sen Pixie: I thought that also. But I am not easy to miss for one with a TARDIS…

[14:39] Sen Pixie: You however...

[14:39] Terry Lightfoot wanders upstairs with one ear half cocked…

[14:39] Oolon Sputnik: Drillon, due to his dabbling in the ways of other races, specifically the Kelad, was banished here by the high council...

[14:40] Sen Pixie: The Kaleds. If only they had never been allowed to evolve...

[14:40] Oolon Sputnik eyes Sen for a second.

[14:40] Oolon Sputnik: Hmmm, well. Ironic all he would need to return is a TARDIS engineer and a sizable power source.

[14:40] Oolon Sputnik continues to take subtle readings...

[14:41] Sen Pixie: Sizable is a mild understatement Oolon.

[14:41] Sen Pixie: Only a black hole or the vortex itself could ressurect his ship.

[14:41] Oolon Sputnik: And ours...

[14:41] Oolon Sputnik: ...ironic, don't you think.

[14:42] Oolon Sputnik nods to Terry as she comes down the stairs.

[14:42] Oolon Sputnik whispers: Terry, stand by me...

[14:42] Terry Lightfoot: I’m here, don’t worry, I'm not going anywhere!

[14:42] Oolon Sputnik: Your old, and proud, but not stupid Sen. We still have other things to fix. We need you and we will find a way :-)

[14:43] Oolon Sputnik: Sen, we're going to Transmat away now...

[14:43] Sen Pixie: I understand.

[14:44] Oolon Sputnik: We'll keep in touch :-)

[14:44] Sen Pixie: Thank you both for coming by - it's the only way I can see any one these days.

[14:44] Terry Lightfoot: Nice seeing you in an improved state, Sen.

[14:45] Oolon Sputnik: We'll call again soon then :-)

[14:45] Terry Lightfoot smiles.

[14:45] Sen Pixie: Thank you Oolon Sputnik.

[14:45] Oolon Sputnik: Call us, if you need us. You know where we are, for now.

[14:46] Sen Pixie: I will, thank you my friend.


[14:46] Oolon Sputnik: Sheeeesh…

[14:47] Terry Lightfoot: Shall I put the kettle on?

[14:47] Oolon Sputnik: This is going to be interesting.

[14:47] Terry Lightfoot: That's an understatement!

[14:47] Oolon Sputnik winds up the gramophone with a little Bix Beiderbecke, and offers Terry his hand...

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