Tuesday, January 01, 2008

It's Been a While

Well, doesn't time fly....

It's a new year here in Caledon, so effort should be made.

Having lost my diary (though recovered my pants) in a lava cave, then the island sank, it's only know (thanks to the meddlings of Lightfoot returning this tomb to me) I'm able to put pen to paper.

Have things advanced in our quest to return home?

Yes, and a most emphatic no.

New players have appeared on the scene, this 'friend' of Lady Darklings called The Jinn. Cornelia has had a tragedy and (as a consequence) we have had a minor revelation. Drillon is around less and less these days. Sen keeps herself busy with work. I have not seen Sollis since before we went to the island. Kira is growing up, quickly, and has a heart troubled with tribulations of teenage love. Terry is Terry, I'd be lost without her and never tire of her stabilising influence (though I wish she'd close some damn doors sometimes). Alfonso is stoic, spending much time in his laboratory, and Fuchia potters on, scattering dust on cotton and silk. Lapin is a dame now, and spends her days with her art. The ETC is as well as can be, and I have opened up the gardens and the aquarium to give us more space and a place away from the hussle of Caledon prime.

I will try to write more, as time and tide permit, but it is often difficult with so much to do.

Our goal has not changed. We will leave this place. Tempting though it is to get swept along by new found friends and cinematic fancies. For now we earn a living and keep trying.

More soon (with luck).


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