Sunday, May 20, 2007

Almost There

Today we made excellent progress.

After all this preparation, Sen and I met this morning and (with her in-depth knowledge of the type 70) spent the day replacing the final links and in preparation for the regeneration.

She is ready. Some testing is needed, but she is ready. We ran her over to Caledon on the cart (something of a Palava in itself) and replaced the residual charge at the Tesla Society tower.

Now, we just bide our time while I work out the maths. The mind must be paramount. Funny, I'm not worried or nervous. I know with absolute conviction that this needs to be done.

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Darien Mason said...

My best wishes to her on her procedure. My recent "regeneration" from incubus to human was as sudden and traumatic as it was unexpected.

Although I have never witnessed a Gallifreyan regeneration, I would gladly be on call should help be needed. Nor would I ever miss a chance to learn more in the field of xenobiology.

~Dr. Mason