Friday, May 18, 2007

Primative Damn Planet

Zealot has beaten Kira for helping the Keiserin. I've been so busy, to my shame I hadn't noticed.

I'm sworn not to interfere while we are here, nor to voice my opinion in any public forum. My mantra must be "each to their own".

Poor child. I gave her some ointment for her back, just something so it won't scar and should heal up quicker.

This isn't the first time I've seen this sort of thing either. In truth it is not Zealot himself is to blame. Beneath the veneer of Caledon civility is a dark and seedy den of what, to my somewhat modern eye, could be see as nothing short of cruelty. Ironic, when this is heralded as the beacon of civility on this primative flat world. Here an unsung percentage are kept in collars and chains, beaten and tortured, and yet simply see this as part of life and inevitable part of their 'Victorian' existence.

Kira showed no malice to Zealot in this, simply shrugging it off in the belief that she knew the risks and accepts her punishment accordingly. I can not comment. What kind of creature can honestly sanction the punishment of a child in this way, and for kindness at that? To these people this is the norm! Incredible.

He is not to blame, he is a product of his environment. Zealot is driven by far greater things that I fear mortal man was not meant to what-the-what of. It is this uncivilised rock that is at fault. I'm sure that one good solar flare is all it would take.

How I miss Gallifrey on days like these.

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Virrginia Tombola said...

Sir, personally, I have a good deal of affection for this uncivilised rock. I shouldn't wish solar flares upon it, no matter how many warts and eccentricities of manners its natives might have.

It is after all, home.

Besides which, we invented proper tea here (I shan't take your Gallifreyan, task here, but surely that might count for something on that great chalkboard in the sky)