Thursday, May 17, 2007

Head Down

I've had my head under the console most of the day, busy.

There's a lot of corrosion under here, but with the parts Virrginia has secured for me and rare grid metals Angus managed to find (how does he do it) I may just have a working camelion circuit within the week. While not essential, this goes a long way towards the peak status required. Terry has been busy on a personal project and I've seen her less than I'd like. I confess I miss her terribly when she's not around and it was good to have work to keep me occupied.

Young Kiralette is now in our employ, in a dusting capacity. I'm not sure if this will lighten the load, she brought some kind of potted plant with her, but she's keen. Her sister is also keen. Keen that is that if Kira is to hang around the ETC then she is to useful while she is doing so and s
he seems to feel her sister is some form of potential liability.

I confess I don't care much for Kirawill, wife to Lord Bardhaven, but we are both civil enough to each other in the same way Zealot and I are. She is the sort of feline who knows she is gifted with first class breeding and has long lost any magic for a world that her sister still finds beautiful.

I began a few sketches of my new genetic matrix this evening. I have high hopes, if all goes well.

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