Friday, June 01, 2007

Commodore Sputnik?

Ever thought about a career at sea? No? Me neither, well, until today that is.

I used to sail on the great canals in the Citadel on Gallifrey. The Admiral dropped me a boat last week, a three manner really but with sympathetic lines, and it was like second nature all over again.

Now I'm not saying anyone planned this, but when the Guvnah and Admiral Wind asked me would I like to take up a position in the ranks, and hinted I could ditch the Colonel thing like a hot brick in exchange for the rank of Commodore, it fair peaked my curiosity.

Fancy a spanky new uniform and loads of other goodies? Come join the navy. We're like the Caledon boosters, running events for Caledon, with rum and really big hats.

We're having a recruitment event at the Salty Mermaid by the hub in Kittiwickshire. Come down and get yourself some grog. It's a free bar from 2pm SLT 'till 6. The 9th of June. So come on down for dancing, games, fun, and grog. 2pm SLT, 'till 6 (or 'till we drink the bar dry). Prizes for best arm wrestler!

The navy will be doing it's bit for Caledon. Come on over, find out more, and join in the wholesome nautical shinaigans. We need you to help us run events and social gatherings on behalf of Caledon and good Admiral Shang. Charity events, sim anniversaries, you name it.

Ranks are open for good lads and lasses.
Please do come along as it will save unfortunate press-ganging issues at a later date. All the nice girls, boys, and furry creatures of indeterminate gender, love a sailor (so I'm told).

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Dr. kold_kadavr_flatliner, MD said...

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